The following article appeared in issue 2 (August/September 2017) of Wyre Forest News and is reproduced here with the kind permission of its publisher, Sharon Cartwright. If you haven’t yet visited the Elizabeth Mills Centre, read on and then come along and join in!

Tucking into more than lunch…at the Elizabeth Mills Centre, Stourport
By Sharon Cartwright

Initially called the Stourport Social Day Centre Association, the Elizabeth Mills Centre provides a luncheon club service every weekday for anyone over 55. When I popped in to meet some of the diners and organisers recently at Sion Gardens, Stourport, a delicious chicken hotpot was being served with vegetables, followed by crème caramel.

The service also accommodates other diets including gluten free and vegetarian. Everyone has likes and dislikes and these are catered for too. There is more to the Centre than getting a substantial two course lunch for £4, however. Those I spoke to talked of the friendship and company they find there.
When I asked May Powell why she came she gave me an enormous grin and replied “Good company!” This was echoed by Peggy Creed and Pam Smith, who has been coming for 30 years, initially at Bullock Close.

They told me they “like everything” about the place, they have a good chat and attend every day. I was told “living alone, you’ve nobody to have a good argument with!” but these lovely ladies were full of smiles and found good companionship in each other, and at the Centre. I spoke to Arthur Page whilst waiting for lunch. He tells me that after his wife passed away he looked around for somewhere to enjoy a hot meal and was glad to find the centre. After many years spent working on narrowboats and now being retired he enjoys the company (and food) very much.

There is plenty of space for more diners, and if you think you’d like to try it you just have to give 24 hours notice on 01299 823240. If you’d like to do more there are social activities to join if you wish, including an excellent bingo with prizes supplied by the local Co-op. There is also a scheme to use foods gifted by Tesco with just a donation. Ann Hill and the team at Elizabeth Mills are supportive and accommodating; if you’re interested just give them a call. You can find out more at

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